Friday, March 31, 2006

honour of spring

i love spring. she's my favourite time of year and she never disappoints me.
i think it's because you don't expect anything of spring yet she delivers so much.
it's the time of year when everything starts to come alive and sing.
for me spring is the real start to the year.
i always feel the buzz of new beginnings and a certain excitement for the years potential.

so in honour of spring and the beauty that she is i did the only thing i really know how to do...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

out of action

have been out of action for a few days but i'm on the mend and have been knuckling down to some work!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

a quickie

i've been busy creating again today and have another offering.

the thing is, although i'm quite please with it, it has completely sidetracked me from the job in hand!
the particular job i should have had in hand was a lovely engagement card for my even lovelier friend caroline...

so no time for chatting... there's work to be done!

ta daaa!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a funny joke...

bob realises he's been feeling lonely and ever so slightly unfulfilled. he decides life would be just a little bit more fun if he had a pet to share it with.

so the next day bob takes himself off to the local pet shop and tells the owner he wants to buy an unusual pet.
after some discussion bob finally decides on a pet centipede.
the pet shop owner supplies a little white box for the centipede to live in and a handbook on looking after your new pet.

bob carefully takes his new pet home, finds a good place for the box and starts reading the handbook.
quickly becoming bored he decideds the best way to get to know his new pet is by taking him to the pub for a pint.

through the box he asks the centipede, "fancy going down the queen's head with me for a beer?" but there was no answer.

this bothers bob a bit but he waits a few minutes more and then asks again, "how about going to the pub for a drink?"

but again, there's no answer from his new friend.
so he waits another few minutes, thinking about the situation.

he decides to ask him one last time;
this time he puts his face right up against the holes in the centipede's box and shouts, "hey, you in there! you want to go to the queen's head for a drink
with me?"

a little voice comes from the box:...........

"i heard you the first time! i'm putting my f****ng shoes on!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

happy birthday...

...dear closeyourfly, happy birthday to yooooouuuu! is one today.

using this fine occasion as a big fat excuse, i have had my creative head on this morning.
sometimes i forget i have it and some days, like today, i get all creative and it feels like i have a brand new skin.

anyway... (not wanting to go off on one) i have a small offering. it's a birthday card.



my website!

Monday, March 20, 2006


i seem to be speeding towards the age of 30!

i only have around 6 weeks left of being 27 and i have been feeling very old.
that was until i met gemma.

gemma is my great aunt ellen's lap dog.
she runs about like a crazy little puppy when really she's already turned 14. that's 69 in human years (i know because i found a special online calculator to work it out)!

it also told me that in dog years i'm 3 and a half.
why! i'm just a pup!

so that's that...

i'm a just pup and even when i'm 69 i'll still be sniffing wee and begging for scones like i've always done.

here's to gemma.... she's an inspiration!

Friday, March 17, 2006

mario fun

sometimes a single £1 can buy you a whole lot of fun!
i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm talking about super mario racing!
me and vic raced each other to within an inch of our virtual lives last week.
not only do you get to race carelessly around a crazy track but the game takes a photo of you and turns you into a super mario... thing!
all that for £1. truthfully!

it's worth noting here that when we were kids, it always seemed to me, that if we were asked to pick between 2 things vicky would always, somehow, end up with the best one.
christmas stockings for example.
she had a cute little bear with an xmas hat... and i got some kind of knitted trumpet design!

it comes as no surprise to me that mario made vicky into a cute little mushroom thing...

...and me into kong!

post one

my first post...
and nothing to say. fingers crossed that changes or this could turn out to be really dull!