Tuesday, April 25, 2006


the sun was out again at the weekend. i love this time of year. all the birds are busy singing and the blossom is out on the trees. there was a bit of wind on sunday in ilkley and the street was covered in cherry blossom snow

Friday, April 21, 2006

a return to glamour

there are lots of good things about the place where i work. i'm sure most of them are not out of the ordinary and would feature in most peoples 'things i like about work' list but not everyone can say that they can go to work and see the beauty and splendour of a 70s pink porn bathroom! it's not used as much as it was, back in it's day, in fact i think the only life it sees on a day to day basis now are spiders and the odd silver-fish. it is looking a little bit sorry for itself but underneath the limescale and cracked tiles is a bathroom with pure glamour. you just don't see enough gold taps these days. as i heard that glamour is the new black i thought it only right that i include a blog about the joy a porn bathroom can bring. so here it is! may it bring you joy!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


it's my little sister's birthday today. yey! i bought her an ipod and now i'm dedicating this whole blog to her. what a fantismo sister i am. just look at her, doesn't she look like she's having a lovely time? he he! happy birthday vic. luff ya! xx

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


'success is the abilility to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm' i was told this quote by someone i met recently and it's one of those things that really made me think. it's a great insight and i'm sure i'll be able to take strength from it in the future. that's why i have posted it here!

(these pictures really have no relevance at all but i like them!)

prom, prom, prom

i couldn't spend a day of my easter bank holiday in morecambe without taking a few photographs. inspired by the colours and the general feel of the place i set about turning some of my images into the perfect morecambe blog. more than most other places morecambe holds many of my childhood memories. i was pleased to see the prom full of people. all of them doing exactly as i was, enjoying the sunshine, the wind coming off the sea and having a good old british day at the seaside.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

hello there

i have a lot of flash work coming up and am a little rusty so i've been having a wee practice today. i can't just let all my hard work (ahem) go to waste so as always my wonderful blog is now the proud owner of a little waving rabbit-dog-type-creature. how lovely.

Friday, April 07, 2006

mon petit squatchy

yes yes. any excuse to put one of my images up here but i turned me and my sister into something from the hulk and i kinda like that. look at her cheeky little chops! awww. i'm not sure she'll be happy with this but i am, and i am the blog ruler (wow that felt surprisingly empowering). the work i'm putting up this week is starting to look a little samey but i just can't stop so (as i am the blog ruler (not so much the second time)) you will have to like it or you'll have to lump it.


i finally got round to doing something i have been meaning to do for a long time. i'd had a bad day and rather than moan about it, which is the way i might deal with a bad day, i decided to turn it round and make it in to a great day. i had a rush of blood to my dialing finger and phoned up to book driving lessons. that felt so good that straight after putting the phone down i booked in to have my hair coloured, not exactly life changing but something else i've been meaning to do for a while. i'm excited and pleased with myself. now, when i think about yesterday i don't think of it as being a bad day. i did what i set out to do and i turned it around. not only that but very soon i'll be tootling around town in a lovely black mini! so to mark the occasion in the best way i know how..

Thursday, April 06, 2006

the head

this is just a quick thing i did. it was inspired by the a feeling of frustration. it was created because it's the only way i could think of at the time that would make me feel just a little bit better. all i wanted to do is be creative. have some ideas and have them heard. instead i was faced with a shaking head.


i'm still snap happy. i seem to be taking pictures of everything and anything, which is fun (for me!) but what to do with the images and what to say about them is kinda difficult. i do a lot of things that i don't really have a reason for doing, at least no other reason than i get some small pleasure from it. i suppose it's a quality of mine that i'm quite proud of. getting pleasure from things that some people might over look. things that i'm sure seem odd to most people. the camera is just a way to help me document this i guess. yesterday i got pleasure from the 70s style units in the kitchen where i work). i've always found them disgustingly beautiful. it's easy to take inspiration from the colours and styles of the late 70s and early 80s that i just about remember from my childhood. so without further ado here's the oh so lovely photograph i took yesterday of the inspiring kitchen units...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

top of me 'ead

i got a bit snap happy with my camera last night and my blog is being treated to the results.
the problem with me and digital cameras is that i just can't seem to download them on to my desk top and leave them be. i just have to fiddle with them. so here's a fiddled with digital camera picture. there's no real reason to it. but who says there always needs to be a reason?

Monday, April 03, 2006

loves dum

another film inspired bit of work.

tears of the black tiger is a thai film that looks so good it makes me want to lick it! it uses a delicious colour palette .
this is an illustration of rumpoey, the high-society daughter of a politician dreaming of her not so high-society love.
the only film i've ever seen where the hero is called dum!

to watch list

much to the frustration of my friends (that lend or recommend dvds to me) i'm quite slow on the film uptake!
i have a long 'to watch' list that i get through very slowly but i finally watched BATTLE ROYALE last week and i loved it.
it's shocking, it's thought-provoking, and it's downright entertaining.

i did think it had a few sentimental lapses but i loved how brutal and how beautifully unpleasant the film was. i loved the simple plot, i loved the sick laughs (like the demonstration video) and i loved the use of classical music. did i mention that i loved it?!

(as i do) i took inspiration from it and from the steely faced takeshi kitano and began creating. here's the result...